My tips to a healthier, happier you. Healthy breakfast options.

My 7 easy-peasy tips to a healthier, happier you!

You’ve heard it before: One of the first steps to a healthier, happier you is to love yourself. For many of us women, loving ourselves has practically everything to do with how we look and feel. And health and fitness motivation has become so much harder with the photoshop obsession that is our media—Jennifer Lopez at age 47…Seriously, how does she do it? And after having twins! It’s just not real life.

Losing weight is no picnic. If you’re anything like me, you hate feeling restricted in what you can eat…and drink (hello, Chardonnay!!). I have tried many eating plans in my life, but what I’ve found as I’ve gotten older—and being a busy mom of 3—my needs and ability to succeed have drastically changed. This is my chance to share some of my top tips relating to health and weight loss with you. I genuinely feel that all of these tips are some of the most important considerations you should make before embarking on your journey to a healthier, happier you!

“One of the first steps to a happier and more fulfilling life is to love yourself. For many of us women, loving ourselves has everything to do with how we look and feel.”

1. Totally Fit Mama

I came across Tfmama on Instagram while perusing the hashtag “Healthyfood”. I was looking for some healthy meal inspiration, but I what got was way more than I bargained for! Seeing their before/after pics on IG made me go  “Whaaaaaat”. Check out this incredible transformation by Tfmama Co-founder, Rosa Mendes, after being on the tfmama eating plan! I mean

Since then, I can say that I have grown to become easily obsessed with this meal plan! I know you’re probably thinking “Oh please, another meal plan?!” But this one is different, I promise, and I’m going to tell you exactly why!

Created by two busy mamas, The TFMama meal plan was written with taste in mind. That’s right, finally a meal plan with something other than steamed chicken and broccoli! Because that shit is boring!

The best part? (Get excited!)

It costs only $35 for a 12 week plan! Who doesn’t have an extra $35 bucks somewhere in their budget? I know I spend at least that in a couple weeks at Starbucks. Affordability is key when you’re a mom, regardless of your earning bracket—every mom out there likes a good deal! So many of the meal plans on the market today have outrageous prices, and frankly, I don’t want to spend $100/month for chalky meal replacement shakes! The price point is what initially sold me and had me jumping on the TFM bandwagon.

For only $35, the TFMama Meal Plan includes: Weekly Meal Plans, Recipes and Weekly shopping lists!

“You know you need a re-vamp, a reinvention of the fabulous, YOU, that you know is in there, but starting is daunting. You really don’t know where to begin. But here you are and if you commit to YOU, WE COMMIT TO YOU..”—

A lot of food!

This meal plan leaves you feeling satisfied! Who wants to feel deprived, this is hard enough, people! So many diets have adverse metabolic effects because you’re cutting out whole food groups and slowing your metabolism down to a halt! With the Tfmama plan, you’re still getting loads of food – you’re just eating wholesome, nutritious foods! I am literally eating more food on this plan than I ever was before.

Gone should be the days of slapping cottage cheese on a rice cake—this is about learning to connect with what you are using to fuel your body.

If you’re still wavering, give one of the free recipes listed on their website a go! The nutty chocolate pomegranate oatmeal is a favorite of mine and one of my go-to, fast, delicious breakfast option.

“So many diets have adverse metabolic effects because you’re cutting out whole food groups and slowing your metabolism down to a halt! With the Tfmama plan, you’re still getting loads of food.”

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2. Meal Prep for Success.

It’s been said that those who meal prep are 70% more likely to succeed at diet changes! As a multi-tasking mom, who is going a hundred miles per hour, the concept of pulling a pre-made meal out of the fridge is sheer genius! But unless you have a personal chef, you’re going to have to make the time to prep the meals on your own. 😉

Sunday’s are typically a great day to do meal prep! Have hubby take the kids out to a movie or to the park, or better yet, do it together while the kids watch a movie at home in the late afternoon. You’ll be glad you did!

“It’s been said that those who meal prep are 70% more likely to succeed at diet changes!”

3. Stay motivated.

This one is tough especially as a parent. It’s easy to fall off and put yourself on the back burner. Don’t. Your needs are important too. My article, “Living The Life You Deserve: My Secrets to Feeling Confident”, has some great tidbits related getting your confidence up.

Make a list of short term and long term goals for yourself and what you plan to do to treat yourself once you attain them! MyFitnessPal is a great way to figure out what your weekly weight loss goal should be, depending on your starting and goal weights. Remember: It’s super important to choose realistic goals, so as not to set yourself up for failure. Your goal is to ultimately live a better life but you also need balance. Going too strict in the beginning will almost always result in you falling right off the wagon.

After you’ve dropped those first 10 pounds, treat yourself to a spa day or something that will make you happy—it’s so important to pat yourself on the back for your hard work!  

“It’s super important to choose realistic goals, so as not to set yourself up for failure.”

4. Understand that weight loss is not linear.

This is something that I have found very hard to grasp and it almost always bites my motivation in the butt come week 2 or 3. You may lose like crazy in the first couple of weeks, and other weeks you might gain a pound or two—especially if you have started working out as well! This is totally normal and I really want you to be conscious of this, so as not to become discouraged. Your body’s way of consuming its own reserves is a complicated and chemical process and not one that follows an exact formula.

Everyone’s metabolism is different. Just the other night I was watching Ellen (Love her!) ,and she was interviewing Khloe Kardashian. Khloe was repeating a conversation she had with her nutritionist, who said, “Kim has the metabolism of a Ferrari, but yours is more of a Honda Civic.” HAHA! It cracked me up because I am that bloody Honda Civic! Don’t get all down in the dumps if you’re in the same boat—everyone has their cross to bare—work harder and you can have the body you want. It is attainable.

“Every plateau has a silver lining. At some point in your weight-loss journey, you will hit a plateau. It means you’ll have to work even harder to continue to lose weight; even when you break through it, the loss may not continue at the same pace as before.” – Huffington Post

5. To weigh, or not to weigh

I come from a long line of family members who obsessively weigh themselves every morning. Good lord, who could cope with that stress! I am someone who chooses not to weigh myself, I never have. In just a few hours, there can be such a huge disparity in the readings depending on a multitude of factors, and I just don’t believe that the potential negative impact is worth it.

Kayla Itsines, celebrated health and fitness guru who has amassed a global following of over 10 million women worldwide, is a big advocate of not paying attention to the scale. She often shares very eye-opening before/after shots of women who have clearly made huge improvements to their bodies and yet their weight has either stayed the same or they’ve even gained weight!

Kayla recommends taking photographs to track your progress. Other ways you can track your progress are: Go by how your clothes fit (don’t you dare wash those jeans, though!), buy body fat calipers online for only $7, and learn how to measure your body fat accurately, or better yet, see if your local gym has an Mport pod! The free plan includes: Unlimited mapping and body and health measurements.

6. H2o.

In addition to fueling your body with food, it is crucially important to stay hydrated; another line you’ve heard a million times. I cannot stress to you enough the benefits of proper hydration!

I take my water bottle everywhere! In winter it does get harder to meet your quota, so this tip may help: I remember reading Lauren Conrad’s advice for drinking her daily quota of water: she makes a deal with herself that she can’t have her next meal until she has finished an entire 24oz bottle. So inevitably, she has gotten into the routine of waking up and finishing that first bottle before she has breakfast.

Not only does water consumption aide in weight loss, it also increases energy and reduces fatigue. If you’re ready for a nap by 2PM or your skin is feeling dry and tight, it’s likely you haven’t had enough water. Do you always seem to have a lingering headache once you reach midday? Are you feeling hungry 30 minutes after a meal? Try drinking a glass of nice, cold water. If you hop in the car in the morning only to realize you’ve forgotten your bottle—run back in the house for it!

“Not only does water consumption aide in weight loss, it also increases energy and reduces fatigue.”

7. Make time for yourself!

This is a big one! If you don’t take the time to truly focus on your own needs, everything in your life will feel a bit off. I know it’s hard as a mom to spend time on yourself, and sometimes you might feel a bit selfish in doing so, but remember that you desperately need this for yourself and your well-being. Do it. You’ll feel better in the end, I promise.

Go for a run. Start that meal plan! Spending time and energy on yourself and your personal growth is such a huge part of reclaiming your confidence and body image (especially after becoming a mother!). My goal is to help you be a better version of yourself. I want you to feel better, feel worth it and feel fabulous! From there you can start to Get Your Sexy Back!

Please reach out and share your exciting updates about your successes and journey towards feeling happier and healthier!

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