about-pg-bgHi Beautiful,


This is the traditional Zulu greeting in South Africa, where I am from. Translated, it literally means ‘I see you’, and the typical response is ‘Ngikhona’, which means ‘I am here’. 🙂

I’m so glad you’ve found your way to Evouq, and I want you to know that I see you. 

Hi I’m Penelope…

and I’m the founder of Evouq & the Host of Evolution Society.

Evouq is my dream 20 years in the making. It means to provoke, arouse, awaken, inspire! 

I’m an empowerment mentor & Master hypnotherapist & I help women to stop self-sabotaging, rebuild their self-worth & start attracting the love & happiness they deserve!

I have a long list of personal victories against painful life challenges: Losing love and then finding love, transforming shame and non-existent self-worth into solid self-confidence and self-esteem, losing my life savings while immigrating countries through to manifesting my dream home a few years later, infertility to having three beautiful children including naturally conceived identical twin girls, and most recently overcoming a rare and chronic hormonal disease through having brain surgery and then removal of my adrenal organs – Phew!

Life challenges offer a gateway through which we can learn and grow and ultimately (hopefully!) transition into a new and better era of our lives. 

Evouq uses a brain based coaching/mentoring approach to personal development by combining proven techniques like Subconscious Reprogramming, Positive Psychology, Guided Visual Meditation & NLP Techniques. The Evouq Evolution Method is a 3-pronged approach to guide you to your personal evolution: Discover, Heal, Evolve.

I am personally inspired by research in Neuroplasticity & Psychoneuroendoimmunology (PNEI), and I add to that a sprinkle of spiritual awareness with a large dash of life wisdom thrown in to create radical life transformation! 

Here’s the biggest thing you need to know about changing anything in your life:

You cannot create efficient change if you’re dilly dallying around with affirmations & positive thinking!

Yes those things make you feel good (which IS super important and IS a part of the puzzle), but


the real change has to happen in your subconscious!


 Here’s the didlio…..Only 5% of us (our brains/habits/behaviors) is controlled by our conscious mind and the rest (95%!) is driven by our subconscious.

That means that 95% of all your beliefs, feelings, habits, decisions, actions & thoughts happen WITHOUT your awareness,


are motivated by deeply ingrained habits that are largely limiting beliefs that are disempowering, and self-sabotaging. (This is from science backed research people!)


So here’s the good news ladies:

The change you wish to see in your life? IT’S SO POSSIBLE. 

And it’s not just possible, it’s INEVITABLE if you follow my formula. 


Scientific studies done in the field of Neuroplasticity have proven that the neuro-pathways in our brains created in childhood can be rewired by forming new habits. 

Let me help you along your journey. Help guide you and hold your hand along the path and across to the other side.