Are you trying too hard?

The Law of Reversed Effort states that the harder we try, the less we shall succeed. More effort does NOT equal a better result. 

The more you push something consciously, the more your subconscious will fight back. And if you’ve learnt anything from reading my posts, you will know that the subconscious is by FAR stronger, controlling 90% of our habits and brain functioning. Ergo, the subconscious wins every single time. And the more you PUSH new conscious thoughts or actions, the more you are actually strengthening subconscious effort. 

I have a habit of doing this, because I am tenacious by nature. I think that the more I push something the more likely I am to attract it. I see people doing this with Law of Attraction. They think if they walk around every second of the day repeating affirmations like its their job, that their sheer willpower and determination will ensure the result they want. When in fact the opposite is true. 

You will in fact make yourself MISERABLE, and will be FAR LESS LIKELY to attract the change you seek. 

Two brilliant philosophers discovered through their studies that we need a combination of RELAXATION and effort to perform optimally. Trying too hard starts to grind the gears on the machine. 

So, my solution is twofold:

  1. Don’t get too caught up in what you are trying to attract/do/accomplish. It will serve you to take a step back. Take off the blinders. Don’t rush into anything. Be patient! SURRENDER. LET GO. 
  2. Use hypnosis to efficiently reprogram your subconscious beliefs and habits so that you won’t even feel the NEED to harass your conscious… Hypnosis will reprogram whatever beliefs are sabotaging you in your subconscious, and you will simply and quickly attract whatever you want most into your life.

Comment below what the number one thing is that you are trying to attract into your life right now?