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Hi, I'm Penelope

I’m an Empowerment Coach, and I help guide women to empowerment and self-love, so they can ultimately attract the love & happiness they want.

Through my Evouq Evolution Method, you will:

- Experience a huge Personal Transformation

- Build Your Self-worth

- Attract the life, and love that you truly want.
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What Fans of Evouq Have To Say

  • "The dark night of the soul builds our character so that we can handle the weight of what God will place on our shoulders, otherwise the foundations would crack. I've been reading many writers words lately and this my friend... far surpasses them all. God has most certainly put a word in you. Thank you for obeying that call and blessing me with your testimony. It's the first time I've felt hope deep in my bones since all of this began. I can't even type through the tears. Thank you."

    Angela, M.
  • I came to her needing to work on my self-worth, I had just gotten out of a divorce, I had spent a lot of time pushing myself aside, and now I’m going back into the dating world (which is terrifying), I want to make sure I don’t do that again. What I value so much about Penelope is that she is so great at listening to me and guiding me, asking me the right question to get me to the point I’m trying to make. And in doing so it really helped me to realize what the core issue, the root issue, that I’m dealing with. My mind was blown that on one hand I thought that this was the thing I feared the most, it really wasn’t, it was something else! Now that I can identify it, I truly believe that we can know whats wrong but if we don’t know what causes it, theres no way we can really work on it. And she helped me to do that and that was just such a Gift!

    Sarah W.

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