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Hi, I'm Penelope

I’m an Empowerment Coach, and my focus is to help women find their own power to overcome life challenges.

Through my Evouq Evolution Method, you will:

- Experience a huge Personal Transformation

- Build Your Self-worth

- Attract the life you truly want.
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What Fans of Evouq Have To Say

  • Not only does Penelope inspire confidence and positive thinking, but she models the behavior that she is imparting onto her clients. Dealing with difficult issues, it's easy to lose hope. Through her guidance, I rediscovered my sense of urgency and determination- something that I'd thought I'd lost in this struggle. It is through Penelope's help and encouragement that I was finally able to have confidence to get answers and move forward!

    Bethany H.
  • I came to her needing to work on my self-worth, I had just gotten out of a divorce, I had spent a lot of time pushing myself aside, and now I’m going back into the dating world (which is terrifying), I want to make sure I don’t do that again. What I value so much about Penelope is that I know myself really well, but its very hard for me to articulate my feelings and she is so great at listening to me and guiding me, asking me the right question to get me to the point I’m trying to make. And in doing so it really helped me to realize what the core issue, the root issue, that I’m dealing with. My mind was blown that on one hand I thought that this was the thing I feared the most, it really wasn’t, it was something else! Now that I can identify it, I truly believe that we can know whats wrong but if we don’t know what causes it, theres no way we can really work on it. And she helped me to do that and that was just such a Gift!

    Sarah W.

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